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Why SMEs Need More Than Extra Clicks from SEO Services

Business is booming, and the internet is a huge driving force behind it. In a time where up to 97 percent of shoppers do their research online before shopping, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can outperform even their corporate competitors. They only need search engine optimization (SEO) and an effective marketing strategy to develop high rankings

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Has Your Site Complied with Google’s HTTPS Deadline?

2018 is the year of Internet security deadlines.  The European Union (EU), for instance, created and recently launched the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which requires companies to provide explicit notice to customers when collecting personal information and encrypting personal data. Businesses could face penalties and fines when they fail to meet the regulation’s requirements

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Inbound Marketing: Which Techniques should You Use?

Inbound marketing, as the name suggests, is the Internet marketing branch that earns the attention of targeted audiences and draws them to service and product pages. It has become a priority for many marketers and business owners these last couple of years. Zenith Media, an advertising measurement company, estimates that advertisers will spend $40 billion more

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