Frequently asked Questions

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO is the method of promoting products and services to customers on the Internet using best practices set by search engines. It’s a highly targeted online marketing approach that lets your business touch base with your prospects through selected keywords and geographic targeting.

How will my brand benefit from SEO?

Studies show that about 80% of consumers look up a brand before making a purchase or an investment. Alpha Millenium Tech uses white label practices that allow your business to gain visibility online. A stronger online presence means more organic traffic to your site.

I operate in a specialized industry. Will I still benefit from SEO?

Alpha Millenium Tech is home to skilled and experienced digital marketing professionals. Whether you’re looking to rise above the competition in the local plumbing market or to gain more traction online to promote your upcoming record, we create a tailored SEO campaign for you.

  • Regardless of the industry you’re in, we help you:
  • Drive quality leads to your website
  • Track your marketing dollars and measure returns
  • Direct the spotlight to your brand by putting you in the first page of search results
  • Be found online by prospective customers any time, and on any device
  • Boost conversion for a higher bottom line
Turn to Alpha Millenium Tech to manage your social media activities. Our social media experts know the right techniques to build brand awareness, generate buzz, and drive engagement for your company.

Do you require anything from businesses that want to work with you?

You only need a business name, phone number, and physical address. You are welcome to partner with us even if you have yet to work on your website or you have zero experience working with a digital marketing company.

What if I already have a website?

Alpha Millenium Tech will audit your site to learn the areas that need improvement. Depending on the results of the audit, we may optimize your website to improve load speed, create unique landing pages, or adding relevant keywords to your new or existing content. The same goes for your social media pages.

We will be happy to address other questions. Please call us at (240) 348-9424 for further inquiries.