2018 is the year of Internet security deadlines. 

The European Union (EU), for instance, created and recently launched the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which requires companies to provide explicit notice to customers when collecting personal information and encrypting personal data. Businesses could face penalties and fines when they fail to meet the regulation’s requirements on or before the implementation date.

The EU, however, isn’t the only one that’s taking steps toward better security. Google has also been promoting stronger data security measures. The search engine giant announced earlier this year that the deadline for websites to switch from HTTP to HTTPS is July 2018. If your business website is still in HTTP, it’s crucial that you upgrade it to HTTPS as soon as possible.

Impact of Missing the HTTPS Deadline

If you miss Google’s migration deadline or choose not to comply with the request, Google will flag your website as “not secure”, and your loyal customers might think of taking their business elsewhere.

When Google flags your website for keeping an HTTP domain, your bounce rate may rise. The “not secure” status that prominently appears in the address bar could discourage your visitors from checking out your website. 

What’s more, staying on HTTP may lead to a drop in conversion rate. When your customers see the warning status from Google, they might feel anxious when sharing their name, contact details, and other personal and sensitive information. This anxiety may prevent them from taking further action, such as subscribing to your newsletter or purchasing a product or service.

Apart from possible higher bounce rate and lower conversion, keeping an HTTP business domain could be detrimental to your site rankings. Google has decided to use HTTPS as a ranking signal. When you miss or ignore the deadline, it’s likely that your HTTP site will drop in the organic search rankings.

Advantages of Updating to HTTPS

Complying with the HTTPS deadline of Google will prevent the costs and consequences of sticking with HTTP. Your customers, for starters, won’t see any warnings upon entry to your site. Instead of feeling worried or concerned with doing business with you, they will feel assured knowing that the information they provide over a secure connection stays safe.

Additionally, even if Google had not imposed a July 2018 deadline, you could still benefit from having an HTTPS website. Increased site security is a great way to draw customers and start forming a stronger relationship with them.

On top of attracting customers, using HTTPS helps you compete for customer attention. You show prospective clients that you’re actively taking measures to satisfy their high online security expectations. Once you have customer attention on your website, the assurance of security will help you build confidence and trust — two ingredients vital to conversions.

Migrating to HTTPS can indeed provide more security to your site visitors and help you draw and convert customers in a competitive online market. If you need help switching to HTTPS, and want your online business to stand out, turn to ALPHA MILLENIUM TECH. Our reliable and affordable SEO services help get your business found on the web and increase growth and profit.

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