Inbound marketing, as the name suggests, is the Internet marketing branch that earns the attention of targeted audiences and draws them to service and product pages. It has become a priority for many marketers and business owners these last couple of years. Zenith Media, an advertising measurement company, estimates that advertisers will spend $40 billion more on Internet advertising than on television advertising in 2018. Other reports revealed similar expectations, if not the same estimate.

The trend in advertising spend is understandable: Many have benefited from well-executed inbound marketing strategies, and many more want to enjoy those advantages for their own companies.

Inbound marketing is promising, but some strategies may work better for your business than others. Finding the right one, therefore, is the key to online marketing success.

Types of Inbound Strategies

To get positive results, like increase leads and website traffic, you must first learn the different inbound marketing strategies and find out how they can enhance your buyer’s journey. Below are examples of inbound marketing strategies that can increase website traffic and generate qualified leads for your website:

  1. On-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)– Integrating relevant keywords in your site so each page may rank for specific keywords. Enhancing user experience (UX) and ensuring that your website is user-friendly are also part of on-page SEO. Its main goal is to draw in audiences by ranking organically on Google search, making them aware of your brand.
  2. Blogging– Regularly publishing blog posts that address frequently-asked questions and provide the information your prospective customers are looking for. It also integrates keywords for ranking purposes. Through blogging, you can promote your brand and provide useful information that will help potential customers decide on what product or service to buy.
  3. Native Advertising through Guest Blogging– Writing guest blog posts and articles for industry-related websites whose readers are your target audiences. These are paid articles which you or the publishing website may write. Others classify this as outbound marketing because it is a type of advertising, but its non-intrusive and informative nature is similar to inbound.
  4. Social Media Marketing– Leveraging social media platforms to publish small pieces of content that promote your brand and attract, engage, and earn the trust of your prospective customers. Social media is useful for building brand awareness and nurturing relationships with customers.

These strategies have one thing in common: They all make use of content, from articles and blog posts to videos and infographics. Without high-quality content, these strategies won’t be as effective, nor will they produce lasting results

Content: The Key to Inbound Marketing

HubSpot, whose founder coined the term inbound marketing, says that inbound marketing cannot proceed nor succeed without content. An effective inbound marketing strategy uses well-written, value-rich content to introduce a brand, establish authority, build credibility among audiences, and eventually earn their trust. Trust-building is the goal as it converts audiences into leads, leads into paying customers, and customers into promoters.

How does content achieve all this? When you’re creating content for inbound marketing, you’re essentially doing content marketing. It involves keyword research and creating buyers’ personas. When done correctly, both give you insight into who your audiences are, what they want, what they need, and — more importantly — what they look for online. By providing the information they’re searching for on Google, your target customers can find you of their own volition.

In a nutshell, content aims to provide high-quality content that answers specific questions from target audiences. Instead of intruding on users as they surf the Internet (as in the form of paid ads), you help them find you. These are the goals of inbound marketing. Regardless of which strategy you use, content is an essential component.

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