Business is booming, and the internet is a huge driving force behind it. In a time where up to 97 percent of shoppers do their research online before shopping, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can outperform even their corporate competitors. They only need search engine optimization (SEO) and an effective marketing strategy to develop high rankings on search engines such as Google.

However, high rankings and increased clicks are not enough to say your SEO strategy is effective. At, we understand this and do more than improve your rankings. It is one thing to receive thousands of site visitors; it is another to convert a fraction of these into paying customers.

Clicks Do Not Promise Sales

SEO is the process of helping websites improve their rank on search engines. With effective strategies, businesses can find themselves increasing their rankings regardless of size. However, these rankings are not enough.

According to different analysts, business websites have just seconds to catch potential customers’ attention. If it looks like your business does not have what they need, or if your website is slow and difficult to navigate, they would click away and move on to competitors with a more promising website.

Interest at a Glance

Effective SEO is more than just getting your business up the ranks. It also means that, once you have caught your potential customers’ attention, you have to maintain it until they make a purchase. Methods such as market analysis, using the right keywords, and optimizing your in-page content catches their interest longer, making them more likely to buy your products or services.

You can only call your SEO strategy an effective one when you see your clicks turn into revenue growth. More than just your

business’ position in search rankings and increased clicks, it means seeing results on your digital marketing investment.

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